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A flexible new Search API

Intended audience: 

This session will introduce the new Search API module for Drupal 7 which addresses several major shortcomings of the core search module, offering much greater flexibility and several additional features out-of-the-box.

Features of the Search API include:

  • Indexing any kind of entity, not just nodes.
  • Choosing exactly which properties are indexed, and how — including properties of related entities, like a node's author's user roles, and computed properties, like a node's comment count.
  • Flexible definition of the indexing and searching workflow with pre- and post-processors and data alterations.
  • Easy switching between backends, be it the database, Solr, Xapian or any other.
  • Integrated support for executing complex searches and displaying results with Views.
  • Support for faceted searches (unless the backend doesn't support this).
  • Support for searching different entity types at once (e.g. nodes, comments, user profiles, …).

The session will consist of the following subtopics:

  • A display of the module's main features.
  • Planned future development.
  • A developer's view: How the API can be used and extended by other modules.
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Amplexor Room (E0.07) - 80p
12:00 - 12:45
Sunday Feb 6

I really look forward to see

I really look forward to see this presentation.